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School Boards

Communication Planning – Our consultants will work with individuals or teams to devise a strategic communication plan for new projects, controversial topics and political platforms.


Crisis Management/Resolution – Our consultants have extensive experience managing and resolving a range of crises that arise in school districts in this age of the 24-hour news cycle and social media.

Independent Investigations – With decades of experience in board, school and district leadership, our consultants are uniquely qualified to conduct employment investigations for allegations of wrongdoing, incompetence and various employment issues.

Political Advisement – Our consultants will provide sound political advice for incumbent and challenger candidates at all levels of government to lead ethical, innovative and sustainable campaigns.


Project Management – Our consultants will provide expert management and leadership on specialized projects including, but not limited to accreditation, audits, student assignment planning and surveys.


Strategic Planning – Our consultants will assist school districts with strategic development and implementation of plans that best serve the needs of students, teachers, school districts, administrators, and superintendents.  We have a number of district and school level consultants that can assist with the formulation of school and district transformation plans.  For the new superintendent, we can work with you to develop an entry plan prior to assuming the new appointment in 30 days or less.

Superintendent Searches – Our consultants will work with boards to plan and implement executive searches designed specifically for education professionals.  Our unique approach provides expert board development while infusing public relations strategies to maximize community buy-in and support.

Retreats – Our consultants utilize a thoughtful group discovery and team-building process to focus and invigorate those involved.  We facilitate single and multi-day retreats by identifying goals and aligning members with the desired results of a fully committed and united membership.

Upcoming School Board Training Events:

School Board Presidents Academy - TBA - New Orleans, LA

Strategic Communication Skills for Urban School Board Members & Staff - TBA - New Orleans, LA

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