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Education Leadership

Education Leadership Crisis Management – Our consultants will facilitate training to empower executives, teams and organizations in crisis management.  Leadership, emergency response, and developing poise in crisis will be enhanced in case-based workshops and real-time intervention.


District Project Management – A number of our consultants are certified and have extensive experience in the superintendency. We can provide extended leadership services in interim leadership roles, project managers and project design specialists.


School Project Management – Our consultants hold a range of education certifications and licenses that qualify them to assist any school building leader in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a number of projects including but not limited to interim leadership role, master schedule production, fund raising and suspension and expulsion consultation.

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) – Certified to administer this research-based 360-feedback leadership assessment instrument, our consultants will systemically and comprehensively assess a leader’s practices and provide insight on how these practices can be improved for greater organizational effectiveness.  This tool helps aspiring and accomplished leaders achieve their personal best and improve effectiveness in their leadership roles.

StrengthsFinder –  Gallup-certified to administer and coach  leaders in Strengths-based leadership.  Specializing in executive leadership teams and small organizational groups.


Strategic Planning – Our consultants will facilitate and support organizations in the endeavor of creating an actionable vision and clear measureable goals. 


Retreats – We facilitate customized retreats to refocus and energize work groups and executive leaders in the task of propelling their organizations.


Speech Coaching – We coach executives in public communication techniques including preparation and delivery of strategic and charismatic communication.


Media Coaching – We coach leaders and executives in strategies to deal with media proactively and in crisis situations.  Our experts provide guidance on proven techniques for everything from neutralizing loaded questions, to anticipating journalists’ queries.

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