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Personal Development and Coaching

Dissertation Coaching – In your quest to excel, the journey needs to be strategic, sound and proficient.  With the professional and knowledgeable guidance of our consultants, this process can become less stressful and more rewarding.  You can benefit greatly from the plethora of experience that our coaches have.   Our experienced coaches can help you accomplish the daunting task of completing your doctoral dissertation by offering consultation on study design, research questions, methodologies and statistics consultation.

Job Interview Coaching – Having the opportunity and being prepared for an interview is what will give you the edge that you need to stand out among candidates on every level.  Our skilled, professional experts will prove a major asset in your preparation. 

Leadership Life Coach/Stress Management – When leaders are stressed, they generally don’t treat themselves or others well.  Our leadership life coach has experience navigating through these instances in a way that relieves stress and creates an atmosphere in one’s life that is stimulating and gratifying.  We coach clients on how to appropriately respond and manage stressors. 

Wellness Coaching – Enjoying healthy living involves how we take care of ourselves, our family, and how we work and play.  Creating a wellness balance between all of these components is essential to happiness.  Our specialists will work with individuals and groups to help prepare people to make better lifestyle choices in order to optimize their health and well-being.

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